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Natural Organic and Vegan.
Beard, Tash, Hair and Skin Care 

​​​All of our products use the finest natural ingredients from ethically produced sources. No animal products are used and absolutely no animal testing is taken place. All our products are tested on Dr Ice who personally approves them.
No beeswax or mineral wax is used in any of our balms, waxes or any products, helping to maintain Dr Ice's CO2 footprint as low as possible, with zero carbon products used where possible. 
All our balms and cosmetics are soy free and are made in the UK using traditional methods. 
Dr Ice is on a mission to turn the preconceptions of masculinity on it's head. 

Beard or no beard..... who cares!!! BE YOU!!!! 
Just BE YOU looking and smelling your best.
Take care of your skin, hair and body. 
Be, Sweet Smelling and Yummy!!! 

With Dr Ice on your side, you will find yourself smelling irresistible!!!

Dr Ice's mission has always been to spearhead knowledge in living better and healthier lives and believes in using only the best materials and ingredients in any foods and cosmetics.

But most importantly, to produce top quality products that leave little or no impact on the environment and promoting animal welfare. 

All of our products are not only Vegan but are prepared and manufactured in a totally meat free and Vegan environment.

Generating good Karma since 2016


All life no matter how big or small deserves a life

Our Philosophy

Our essential oils are extracted and distilled from plants and are the true scent of the plant. The essential oil is concentrated plant energies born from the growth of vegetation with a direct link to the earth through soil and minerals, sunshine and water.

We have a large range of scents available, our scents are a little unorthodox but we are sure you will love them and endeavour to try them all.
Mix and match your scents with our great gift sets tailor made just for you.

Only the finest ingredients are used in our products, with unique blends of oils and wax to produce a superior product for the esteemed gent.

A product I'm sure the Tsar himself would be proud of.
Our products are blended with the finest ingredients to give you a luxurious product that will leave your skin and hair wanting more

Product safety is of paramount importance and is ensured through a research and testing regime. All formulations are analysed by a third party testing lab with qualified personnel that conduct a Cosmetic Safety Assessment for each product. The Dr Ice range is manufactured to standards that comply with European safety regulations.

Calendula Oil

Grapeseed Oil

Avocado Oil

​Mango Butter

Natural Ingredients

Argan Oil

Coconut Oil

Jojoba Oil

Sweet Almond Oil

Flavoursome Scents