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Natural Organic and Vegan.
Beard, Tash, Hair and Skin Care 


Formulated using the finest natural and animal free ingredients we offer a wide range of items to clean, care, and nourish your face, skin and hair with essential vitamins and natural oils. Clean, groom and then style.


Beard Balm

Balm Me
Wax Me

Tache​​ Wax

Shaving Oil

Shave Me

Hair Shaper

Style Me

15 & 30 ml

Soy free and vegan, using all natural ingredients. These products will leave your beard bush or stubble, baby soft and depending on your fragrance, sweeter than a sweet shop or manlier than Chuck Norris.

30, 50 & 100 ml

Oil Me

Beard Oil

15 & 30 ml

Gift Sets
Scrape Me
Comb Me

Kent Comb


You have taken a lot of time and effort to distinguish your moustache, so why not treat it to a natural and animal free product that really does the job. Packed full of top quality ingredients that will nourish and fix those all important hairs.

15  & 30 ml

Face Fuzz



Moisturising Balm


An all natural hair clay created to keep you looking good and smelling great. 

100 & 50 ml


Heading 3

50 & 100 ml

An all natural *moisturising balm which works wonders on newly healed ink working to moisturise and keep skin supple. Keeping your tattoo clean and moist preventing drying out. Dr Ice's balm also works wonders on dry skin.
*Not intended for use on broken skin*
We have a wide range of items with sweet and wild scents and amazing gift sets.​​

Heading 3